September 14, 2018
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Pageant queen Shwe Eain Si changes her mind to contest again in beauty contest

Pageant star Shwe Eain Si will reportedly contest again in the Miss Golden Land Myanmar (2018) by representing Myanmar as one of the 20 contestants from States-Regions.
        Her decision was an about-face after expressing unhappiness over beauty pageant contests.
        The winner of Miss Golden Land Myanmar 2018 can contest in one of the three largest pageant shows, Miss Supranational, to be held in Poland by representing the country.
        Contestant Shwe Eain Si represents Rakhine State and will contest in the show after earlier saying she would not.
        “I had no plan to contest in this show but I will. First I thought I will contest in this show only after one or two years. But my fans encouraged me and gave their support to me to contest in this show. And I myself think I should do it. I decided to contest again as there is not much of a time gap from the previous contest,” she said.
        Fan support was an important factor in her decision to compete following earlier problems.
        “I’m happy as I got support from my fans. I contested in this show by changing my mind immediately and without pre-planning. I got excited to see the immense support given to me by my fans. I feel happy. I want to trust in this contest so that I contest in this show.”
        In one of her last contests, the National Director retook her crown and revoked her representation in the contest but pageant queen Shwe Eain Si said that she did nothing wrong.
        “The problem in the past is not the mistake done by me. I will continue in this career with mutual respect. I am a ‘Miss’ of my organization. There were no oppression and discrimination between seniors and juniors. There will be no problem if we have understanding of there may be some wrongs and some rights. And also there will be criticism of both good and bad. I will ignore personal attacks. I will accept the critics and suggestions to some extent. I will accept criticism against me given by experienced persons in this field but I have no plan to accept criticisms given by other people out of our circle,” she said.
        Miss Grand Myanmar sent pageant Shwe Eain Si to the Miss Grand International contest and she won the title but on grounds of speaking about Rakhine State affairs during the troubled times in 2017 her crown was retaken by the organizers and her ‘Miss’ title was revoked.


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